The Right To Light

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The objective of the post is to provide you with an overall understanding of London Plan Energy Report, offer you the overall language used and laws that applies.
Both daylighting/sunlighting and rights of light simply take care of natural lighting to buildings. They both reach the exact same goals because they plan to keep good daylighting and sunlighting degrees within buildings.
Nevertheless, there’s an obvious differentiation between daylighting/sunlighting and rights of light in that daylighting/sunlighting is a planning problem whereas rights of light is common law. The planning authorities are usually exclusively concerned with daylighting/sunlighting problems to residential properties, schools and at times student accommodation where the amenity for daylighting/sunlighting is fundamental. They’ve been usually yet not concerned with daylighting and sunlighting amounts to commercial properties including offices, as it’s common practice to make use of artificial lighting through the entire day.
London Plan Energy Report on the other hand is very different because it identifies any window openings as possibly having a right to light and these problems might be raised whether a planning application continues to be allowed or not. It’s thus crucial to look at both these problems in the first period possible so the planning authorities don’t raise any problem with respect to sunlight/sunlighting and which you understand what dangers there might be with respect to rights of light.
Important files for Daylight/Sun
With respect to daylighting and sunlighting there are just two primary files that most planning authorities refer to. The primary document is the BRE Guidelines, which cover daylighting and sunlighting to new developments, to encompassing developments also to open spaces and amenity areas.
Another file, which will be referred to within the BRE Guidelines, is the British Standards Light for Buildings Code of Practise for Daylighting.

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